Low fat Potato Dishes

June 12, 2015
Pea and Potato Curry

Hands up the number of people like eating crunchy snacks? How about poker chips? Mhmm that’s things i thought! You like poker chips, but question the best way to eat them included in a healthy diet plan. I really like crunchy things and often you would like the crunch of the nick, but without all of the excess body fat and calories. Sure you can purchase some baked or sprang chips at the shop, but they’re quite pricey and fairly bland. As well as not quite “fresh”.

Like a society we have a tendency to overindulge on packed snack meals since they're so readily available everywhere as well as in such large amounts. Try making some of your favorite snacks and them totally healthy?

Actually after making your personal healthy snacks you may appreciate the quantity of labor and love adopts which makes them. So hopefully you will not just eat these questions couple of minutes, but savour your hard gained tasty snack! (A minimum of I really hope so…)

With this free of fat potato nick recipe you may need a mandolin or perhaps a V-slicer. Something you can slice a potato on very very finely. Also be careful and employ the vegetable holder/guard that is included with your slicer, or apply certain safety mitts which means you don’t slice your finger. Personally I have not were built with a problem with such products. Go gradually and be familiar with your fingers and you'll be fine.

Makes 70-80 chips Total time: 45-an hour

1 large russet potato

Salt and/or pepper to taste


1. Fill a medium bowl with water and peel the potato.

3. Put the sliced taters within the bowl water to avoid browning and take away excess starch.

4. Dry poker chips completely with paper towel or perhaps a tea towel.

4. Line two large plates having a sheet of parchment paper (essential therefore the taters don’t stick) and put enough potato slices onto it to pay for (about 9). Make certain none overlap.

5. Mix salt, pepper and then any other seasonings together inside a bowl and sprinkle seasonings very gently within the chips together with your fingers. Go easy in the beginning and taste test out your first batch to understand if you want pretty much seasoning around the next.

6. Microwave one plate of chips at any given time on high for several-6 minutes (with respect to the strength of the microwave). Watch them after 3-4 minutes and prevent the microwave once they turn a golden brown within the center. (My low powered microwave required about a few minutes)

7. Use oven mitts to get rid of home plate in the microwave (it’s hot!) and let awesome a couple of minutes (before getting rid of the chips in the parchment).

8. Take away the chips and hang aside inside a bowl or dish and continue doing this process until all your potato slices happen to be cooked (while using correct cooking for the microwave).

9. Chips will harden once they awesome lower and be crispier. Eat when awesome and crunchy!

Please make certain to make use of oven mitts because the plates can be really hot. Also don’t microwave chips consecutive for the whole amount, allow the microwave possess a little break after every 3 plates of chips. I overheated my microwave around the 4th plate also it switched off like a safety precaution.

Additional Tips:

Extra chips could be saved within an airtight container. Eat soon as they possibly can get old as you will find no chemical preservatives.

Make use of a large potato. The chips shrink considerably after cooking and when starting with a medium potato you’ll finish track of small chips.


Source: lowfatveganchef.com
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