Best Sweet Potato Recipes

July 15, 2015
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By Kate Wilke Our 12 Best Sweet Potato Recipes

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So why do we like the yams? Well, apart from its comforting, savory-sweet flavor, the wealthy root vegetable is reasonable and full of healthy vitamins. Oh, and it is pretty versatile, too. Here are a few in our best yams quality recipes that prove these aforementioned points—they go beyond the classic go-to topping of cinnamon and brown sugar.

On the cold evening, enjoy sweet taters within this Roasting Yams and Quinoa Soup. The mixture of quinoa and potato can give this soup a creamier texture and also the garlic clove and parmesan on the top will pull everything together.

Yams quality recipes don’t also have to experience in the sweet! Mashed Red-colored Curry Sweet Taters are created with Thai red-colored curry paste and coconut milk for any non-traditional side dish.

Yams Pancakes are what autumnal dreams are constructed with, so proceed and stack that pancake pile greater.

Provide your veggie hamburger rotation a lift with Yams-Pecan Hamburgers to savor a more gratifying and toastier sandwich. This innovative vegetarian hamburger is combined with oats for any nutty and hearty patty.

This Yams and Black Bean Salad’s bitingly-use of jalapenos, garlic clove and lime alllow for a comforting Mexican dish. The diced sweet taters provide the salad a filling, velvety texture.

Skip an ordinary crust in your chicken potpie and change it with this particular fluffy, whipped yams topping. The mashed potato topping will prove to add more flavor and texture towards the dish whilst supplying a gluten-free choice for the table.

Honey, cinnamon along with a sugary meringue topping complement the yams incredibly well within this Yams Casserole.

Making the decision between yams and pumpkin cake is difficult. Fortunately this cake doesn’t cause you to choose. The dreamy cake includes a gingersnap crust and it is capped with toasted coconut for any comforting dessert which will enable you to get pumped for that approaching holidays.

Breakfast taters achieve another comfortableness food within this Deconstructed Yams Hash with Fried Eggs.

This creamy yams soup is a more thrilling and strange option than your go-to tomato bisque or roasting red-colored pepper soup.

Exactly what do you receive whenever you mix the South’s two most scrumptious staples? You receive a warm cinnamon-capped bowl of Yams Grits.

You cant ever fail with yams fries. These steak fries are capped with brown sugar, paprika, thyme, garlic clove, ginger root and chipotle for any zesty flavor that pairs extremely well having a grilled steak.

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