Ways of cooking sweet potatoes

December 14, 2015
Roasted Buttered Sweet

marshmallow sweet potatoesSweet taters are better, more gratifying (clearly) and much more fun than your day-to-day spud. Plus, they’re the only real veggies which make eating chocolate buttons throughout dinnertime perfectly acceptable. (If you’ve attempted Sunny Anderson’s kid-favorite and adult-approved recipe [pictured above], you receive it.) Right here in our favorite methods to prepare the orange-fleshed special gems at this time around of the year.


Baking draws out sweet potatoes’ natural sugary characteristics. It could also be the simplest method to prepare and revel in them — you need to simply allot around an hour for oven time. Follow our step-by-step instructions here. Then search in and revel in them straight-track of a pat of butter, or make use of the soft and creamy flesh for an additional recipe.

baked sweet potatoesTwo times-Baked

An easy baked potato is nice, however a two times-baked potato is two times as nice. Do as Bobby Flay does, making a sweet and spicy filling with cream, chipotle pepper and walnut syrup. Or choose Guy Fieri’s more classic sugar-pecan topping. If you like to use a completely savory direction, Food Network Magazine’s poblano-cheddar recipe with lime crema won't dissatisfy.

Inside a Casserole

twice-baked sweet potatoesSo far as Thanksgiving sides go, you cannot fail with Food Network Kitchen’s essential yams casserole. If you are searching for a crispy streusel on the top, Anne Burrell’s version by having an oatmeal-walnut topping will suit your craving. Bonus: It’s flavored with orange zest and honey, so one scoop won’t give back into sugar overload.

Roasting and Candied


No heavy cream is needed for crowd-pleasing mashed sweet taters. This recipe is flavored with orange juice, walnut syrup along with a a little chicken broth and could be designed a day ahead. In case your Thanksgiving table isn’t complete without classic mashed taters, obtain the best of both mobile phone industry's with Food Network Magazine’s marbled recipe.

sweet potato casserole candied sweet potatoes mashed sweet potatoes sweet potato cupcakes
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