Baked Potato Recipes

July 21, 2015
Baked potato recipes
Best Twice Baked PotatoesCrisp around the outdoors, creamy inside, these two times baked taters are full of caramelized scallion butter, yogurt, cheddar cheese and sausage.Best Two times Baked Taters

If you are not in the US, the thought of baking a potato two times may seem just like a gimmick at the best, but be assured there is no hyperbole within the title. Throughout the very first bake, the potato is covered with foil and cooked through. This guarantees the flesh stays nice moist.Best Twice Baked Potatoes Then, the potato is created from the spend and combined with butter, scallions, yogurt and cheese prior to being stuffed into the spend. Seem good to date? Finally, it's capped with crisp sausage and much more cheese before returning within the oven for any second bake. The 2nd trip in to the oven not just touches and crisps the cheese, it crisps your skin too.

Having a creamy filling that tastes like sour cream and chive poker chips along with a crisp sausage and cheese exterior, two times baked taters alllow for a filling meal by themselves or perhaps a decadent side. While they are clearly best straight from the oven, they create for very good have a picnic food too.Wrap the potatoes in foil and bake in a 350 degree F (170 C) oven until a toothpick easily passes through (about 40-50 minutes). Think about them like a cheesier self-contained potato salad.

To own filling somewhat more oomph, I love to caramelize the scallions within the butter before mixing them in to the taters. It isn't that rather more work since you need to melt the butter anyway, and also the resulting two times-baked spud possess a depth of flavor that you simply wouldn't receive from including raw scallions.

I additionally prefer to line the baking sheet with parchment paper. This not just makes cleanup easy, it prevents the cheese that touches lower the edges from the potato from adhering, providing you with a crisp cheese cracker underneath each potato.

TIP: When creating a tiny bit of thick-cut sausage, it's simplest to crisp it within the microwave. Just put lower a triple layer of sponges on the microwave safe plate, cover having a single layer of sausage, after which top with another triple layer of sponges. Finish by stacking another plate on the top to weigh the sausage lower. Microwave at 800 w for just two minutes. Look into the sausage and when it's not crisp yet, microwave for an additional minute. Thin sausage includes a inclination to stay with the sponges, and so i don't recommend that way in case your sausage is not thick.


Use a small spoon to scoop out the interior of the potatoes, but be sure to leave about 1/4-inch (6mm) of potato attached to the skin. If you get too ambitious with the scrapping, your potato won't hold it's shape. Be sure to scrape out all the potato from the lids and discard the skin. Add the scallion butter, yogurt, and half the cheese to the potatoes and mix together. I prefer to have some chunks of potatoes left, so I don't completely mash them.
Twice Baked Potato Recipe
Twice Baked Potato Recipe
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