Simple potatoes side dish

November 9, 2015
Garlic potato side dish

potatobitesHDMashed Potato is gorgeous. But it’s kinda boring. We've it constantly, and often we simply want something a bit more exciting. So this is a assortment of potato-based sides that are simple to prepare and excellent when ever you simply can’t face another evening of mash!

Seasoned Roast Potato Bites

These small golden morsels of potato goodness can change your existence! Part boiled then slicked inside a special plant-implanted essential olive oil, then lightly roasting. Crispy around the outdoors and fluffy inside, this side dish is excellent with roast meat, chicken or seafood.

Watch the entire recipe video here:

unnamedParty Potato Bake

Slices of potato combined with sausage, cream, cheese and much more sausage! Oven baked until tender, this wealthy side dish is ideal for barbecues, parties or buffet food occasions. Make certain you are making a large batch though, that one Is going to be popular!

Crunchy Vegetable Nuggets

Vegnuggets3This really is mashed potato upgraded! Mix traditional mashed potato together with your favourite veggies (peas, carrot and corn are usually a good with this particular) and shape into small patties. Dip them in flour, egg and crushed corn flakes (seriously!) then either fry or oven bake them until crispy. Offered like a side dish or perhaps a snack, everybody loves these – especially kids!

Oven Baked Spicy Potato Wedges

wedgesPICI really like these! Crisp potato portions full of implanted plant and spice flavours, offered with sinking sauces. What’s to not love? And they're oven baked, so that they are much lighter when compared to a fried version.

Yams Gratin

OK this really is Yams, so technically I’m cheating on that one, however this dish is really scrumptious, I know you’ll forgive me! Very finely sliced bits of yams bathed in a mix of essential olive oil, garlic clove, chilli and cream. That one is ideal for dinner get-togethers.

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