Potato Oven Baked

February 3, 2015
Oven Baked Carrot and Sweet

The right baked potato is crispy around the outdoors and pillowy in the centre. Cracked open but still steaming, it's prepared to receive everything from a sprinkle of cheese to last night's stew. Here's steps to make one.

Baking a potato within the oven does require more time than zapping it within the microwave, but it is mostly hands-off time. You are able to walk in, throw a couple of taters in oven while will still be starting to warm up, and continue with your after-work routine until they are prepared to eat. Just be sure to set a timer!

Russets are the most useful for baking such as this. The skins are thicker and also the starchy interior includes a sweet flavor and fluffy texture when baked. Russets will also be typically fairly large.how to bake a potato One of these per person constitutes a advantages dish or meal by itself.


1 russet potato per person
Essential Olive Oil


A fork
A baking sheet covered in foil


  1. Warmth the oven to 425°F: Switch on the oven while you are planning the taters.
  2. Scrub the taters clean: Scrub the taters completely under flowing water and pat them dry. It's not necessary to take away the eyes, but trim away any blemishes having a paring knife.
  3. Rub the taters with essential olive oil: Rub the taters throughout after some essential olive oil. It's simplest to apply your hands, however a pastry brush also works fine.
  4. Sprinkle the taters with pepper and salt: Generously sprinkle the taters on every side with pepper and salt.
  5. Prick throughout having a fork: Prick the taters inside a couple of places using the tines of the fork. This enables steam to flee in the baking potato.
  6. Bake the taters: You are able to bake the taters on the oven rack, or put them a couple of inches apart on the foil-lined baking sheet. Bake the taters for 50 to an hour. Switch on them every twenty minutes approximately and appearance them for doneness by piercing all of them with a fork. Taters are carried out once the skins are dry and also the insides feel completely soft when pierced.

Recipe Notes

  • To chop lower the baking time, microwave the taters for three or four minutes within the microwave before baking.
Source: www.thekitchn.com
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