Side Dishes for Baked potatoes

January 25, 2015
Side Dish – Twice Baked

Melissa d'ArabianEvery Saturday we perform a family movie or game evening. Around the menu is a few form of a do it yourself dinner: Help make your own pizza, construct your own burrito bowl, taco evening, you get the drift. Recently my children are extremely in to the baked potato bar. And since I enjoy buy taters within the 10-pound bag (compare the per-pound cost and it is difficult to avoid that bag!), I'm all with this fun and affordable movie evening meal.

Since I’m a little of the potato bar expert using more than a couple of under my belt, I wish to share some surprise bonuses to putting this in your menu. I am talking about, obviously baked taters are tasty, but read this listing of truly awesome extra supplies.

Bonus 1: Making a lot of taters doesn’t really take any more than creating a couple of. Which means this meal is fantastic for slumber parties, class get-togethers and casual entertaining. The only real limit is how big your oven, along with a standard oven fits lots of taters.

Bonus 2: Leftovers are awesome for kids’ lunches (see Bonus 1 above for the way easy it's to create a couple of extra supplies).

Bonus 3: It is simple to make double and have a bunch to some neighbor, which can make you and your neighbor happy. Actually, even when you believe you do not know anybody who can use the present of the meal, just believe me about this making double the amount taters when they're from the oven, I'm 100 % sure you'll have the ability to think about somebody that would like to possess a meal shipped.

Bonus 4: Taters could be capped with just about anything, meaning a baked potato bar is a superb way to utilise leftovers — think pork chops, taco meat, rotisserie chicken or leftover vegetables.

And Lastly, a Picky Eater Bonus: A baked potato bar (or any make-your-own setup) is a superb chance introducing new meals to picky people inside a low-pressure setting. Put down chicken curry, The city sprouts or roasting root vegetables like a topping option. Your son or daughter might not eat it, but even seeing the product can help demystify it, which will raise the likelihood of your son or daughter eating it the next time (or 15 occasions later, because the situation might be). Our rule: The potato should have a minumum of one protein and something vegetable added. This provides the children options with limitations, that is a great technique for busting pickiness.

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