Homemade Sweet Potato Casserole

August 22, 2015
Pictures of Sweet Potato Pecan

Years back, we dined at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in California. The children were itty bitty, however they got outfitted track of fancy new clothing. The special occassion, none, apart from my in-laws and regulations were going to from Clarence, New You are able to for that holidays.

My late father-in-law, George, would be a lover of steak. Super-seared, almost burnt around the outdoors, but red-colored-rare inside. Whether it wasn’t cold and moo-ing in the centre, it was not cooked right.

In California, there have been 3 restaurants that understood how you can do steak “George’s way” and wouldn’t provide a fuss if he sent it back: Ruth’s Chris and Flemings.

Each of us purchased our faves: my hubby and mother-in-law love the fragile filet mignon. I can turn to any steakhouse, and without opening recption menus, just require a rib-eye, medium-rare

The children just poached off everyone’s plates, aside from George a.k.a.”Papa’s, ” his or her little nubby teeth couldn’t chew rare cow.

The main one dish all of us decided on was the Ruth’s Chris Yams Casserole, a creamy-sweet dish offered individual ramekins, capped having a crunchy, brown-sugar and pecan crust.

This is our second Christmas without “Papa.” We'll have a charred-on-the-outdoors steak in the recognition (but medium-rare for all of us) which Ruth’s Chris Yams Casserole.

We’ll dine together and don't forget Papa, fondly. Scott will inform tales of methods Papa would rig his Bbq in your own home to create precisely the steak he loved.

And possibly, in paradise, you will find angels who grill Papa’s meats perfectly, each time.

This yams casserole recipe comes from Ruth’s Chris Restaurants – they’ve generously permitted us to reprint and adapt their recipe.

The 2 distinct textures of the Yams Casserole go very well together that people made the decision to visit just a little overboard around the topping to ensure that each bite of mashed yams might be supported with a generous scoop from the crunchy, sweet, nutty topping.

Before posting this publish, I visited my computer to find out if I possibly could possibly look for a photo of this evening at Ruth’s Chris, from the 32, 051 photos within my archive (existence of the food blogger.)

Steps to make Ruth’s Chris Yams Casserole

Note: You should use CANNED yams, in order to save this task.

Peel and cut each yams in two. If it is a very large/thick yams, you might like to reduce thirds. The bottom line is to help keep the pieces relatively exactly the same size.

Boil the sweet taters for 25 minutes, until easily pierced having a sharp paring knife (no resistance)

The sweet taters are mashed and combined with just a little of vanilla flavoring for added flavor.

The Pecan Crumb Topping is really easy to make, we added extra pecans.

All that’s left would be to to complete is fill individual ramekins and top with spoonfuls from the crunchy pecan topping. Bake at 350F.


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