Healthy Sweet Potato Breakfast recipes

November 2, 2019
Chocolate Chip Sweet Potato

hashFor many, breakfast is the favorite meal during the day. The idea of cereal lightly bobbing inside a bowl of milk excites them. They aren’t satisfied just ensure that is stays a morning ritual… fans want breakfast for supper too. Crazy! I merely don’t have it. I’m simply not a breakfast person. Was not ever. I do not like cereal, and the idea of getting an omelet for supper aesthetically angers me. A blueberry or perhaps a Greek yogurt is virtually as fancy when i get.

sweet potatoEvery now and then, though, once the mood strikes me, I choose to prepare up a pleasant hearty breakfast. Attempting to eat a little more healthy lately, because of the additional poundage acquired since our wedding in This summer and due to the continual “encouragement” from my spouse, breakfast also needs to possess some major dietary value.

Should you examined the graceful and velvety Yams Hummus recipe from the couple days ago, you know the large number of health advantages a yams packs. In the diet ante with a few kale tossed within the mix, and you've got her a dish even Bob Harper could be happy about.

sweet potato

Tyler and that i chose to make this hash together while our better half’s were busy, off running certainly one of individuals Winter 5Ks. Another thing I do not get: managing a 5K within the dead of winter. However, when they appreciate it, also it gives Tyler and that i time for you to spend time and talk food, I’m all for this Because of Tyler of these beautiful photos!

When you are preparing your sweet taters, make certain to provide them an excellent dice, around 1/4”. Cutting them bigger will greatly boost the time that it requires to prepare. I obviously found that lesson hard way.

I’m really loving shallots recently. They're a little milder and more gratifying than their onion counterpart. Should you not have shallots, though, you can substitute a medium or large red-colored onion.


I'd a bag of frozen kale from Trader Joe’s within the freezer and used that with this recipe. After cooking it based on package directions (Used to do the microwave option), wrap the kale inside a couple sponges and wring out any excess moisture. You can utilize fresh kale for those who have it, however i such as the frozen option because it’s fast and simple!

What really makes this hash complete may be the beautiful fried egg on the top. And extremely, can there be anything as beautiful as cutting right into a yolk and watching it gradually melt out all around the hash?

Some extra sprinkle of pepper in your egg and you’re prepared to search in. You can also drizzle some sriracha over your finished plate if you are into that kind of factor (Because of Tyler’s brother for your tip… I’m certainly doing that the next time).

sweet potato and kale fried egg hash hash and eggs
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