Best Potato Dishes Recipes

April 20, 2016
Easy, Speedy, Meal-Finishing

It is really an excerpt from the publish compiled by Maryanne Cabrera who blogs at and belongs to POPSUGAR Choose Food.

Taters canrrrt do no wrong within my eyes. Whether it is baked, fried, smashed, or boiled, I'd gladly eat that potato.

More often than not, I favor baked taters. Due to the fact I like all of the toppings . . . a dollop of sour cream, lots of chopped scallions, a number of cheddar cheese along with a pat of butter. But half way with the potato, I recieve a hankering for something crispy. I Then begin to think maybe I ought to have order fried potatoes rather.

I discovered the right solution that mixes my personal favorite areas of a baked potato along with a fried potato. Accordion taters (also called Hasselback taters) provide you with the better of both mobile phone industry's. You receive the moist and soft insides of the baked potato using the crispy outside of a fried potato. Plus, these accordion taters are extremely darn pretty around the dining room table.

Accordion taters may look tricky but they are super easy to create. Slicing could be problematic, however this handy chopstick trick really helps. By putting chopsticks on sides from the potato, it prevents you against cutting completely with the potato. Or buy this, a Hasselback potato cutting board particularly designed for this popular potato.

(Side note: Thanks Alex to be my hands model and potato cutter extraordinaire. The taters slices are perfectly uniform!)

While these baked/oven-fried accordion taters are fabulous by themselves having a sprinkling of essential olive oil and a few pepper and salt — let us exceed that. Let us add a lot of garlic clove and lots of cheese. If you're feeling fancy, proceed and add chopped fresh herbal treatments. Possibly just a little rosemary oil, thyme, or oregano.

The enjoyment part is stuffing the potato with cheese. Throughout the baking process the cheese will melt. Half way though baking, you can include additional cheese if you think obliged. I sure did. Should you put a lot of cheese you'll be compensated with scrumptious little cheddar cheese crisps that form at the end from the potato. Yummy!


These cheesy accordion taters are happily welcome at any dining room table. They mix the very best areas of baked taters and fried potatoes and mix it for that ultimate potato side dish.


3 garlic clove cloves, minced
1/4 cup extra-virgin essential olive oil
4 medium/large taters (Russet or Yukon Gold)
Thick-sliced sharp cheddar cheese, when needed
Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper, to season

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